Thursday, October 3, 2013


Today, there was a meeting where I had to attend, with folks from several organizations.  I know some folks there, and that they are parents.  

I have no problems with attending meetings at all.

It is the time after meetings that I dread.


That's when the parents would start to talk about their children.

Today I was hearing about toddlers learning to walk and babies nursing and making messes.

One lady was oversharing, going on and on and on about her kid learning to walk, sharing photos on her cellphone, and I was visualizing in my mind......

Nice visual, yeah?

I was very tempted to do that, and I got another visual going....

I gave an excuse to get out and took a deep breath outside of the door.

I was processing on why the heightened reaction to the parents sharing, and I can only come to the fact that I'm already vulnerable due to emotional anniversaries in October, and then bam!  Everyone then talked about children; that's when I found myself emotionally alone, when I didn't need that reminder.

And that wasn't pleasant at all, hence the angry visualization.


  1. LOVE the visualisations, but don't like the fact that she overshared about all those things. Ouch!!! I'm glad you found an excuse to get out, though.

    HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My close friend just posted "what we're reading these days" in FB (showing a photo of pregnancy books and parenting books) and I was also reminded of my empty I ran to my Gateway Women community instead to remind me that I'm not alone. :-)

  2. ((HUGS)). I am sorry you had to endure that blabber. Will we ever develop a thick enough skin?