Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bucket List, continuing for 2013!

I had read several folks sharing their goals and resolutions for this year of 2013-  I had thought long and hard and determined I will not do resolutions.  What I will do: update my bucket list, identify achievements and add new goals.  

How was 2012 for me?

2012 was quite the worst year ever for me. How could it not be, with so many strikes?  Starting with the emotional and physical roller coaster with reproductive issues, with the hysterectomy, losing friends whom I thought were most close and trusted; struggling with finances; a good friend's death; ongoing grief and confusion adapting to the new world - still working on finding a niche where I could see myself happy.

Don't get me wrong, there were some good moments, as in seeing close friends in New York City, and of getting recognition for my artwork.

One piece of the first anniversary's timeline is coming up in oh, ten days.. just realized it- lovely.  The worst, I would say, of when it all slammed into me.    Not looking forward to that.  

Nevertheless,I decided I will not be held hostage for another year, like the last year.   I might not have had a gun to my head, but it certainly felt like it, with the emotions, the physical situation and mentality I found myself trapped in.  So with that  in note, here is the updated bucket list, with its 2012 achievements and new goals for the future including 2013.

Stop being the peacekeeper/stand up for myself- I no longer get myself involved in others' dramas)
Do unplugged days at least 15 out of 365 days (will continue this in 2013!)
Saw Wicked (play) in Louisville in September- loved it!
Started painting (so far I had done 22 paintings!)
Donated some art to a health center for women.
Made 8 blankets, by crochet and quilt.
Scrapbook of postcards collected by Postcrossing (got 142 cards in 2012!)
Gave presentation on labyrinth self-care to three organizations
Volunteered at a shelter
Waverly Hills Sanatorium in October- ghost hunt
Diana: A Celebration; Exhibition in Louisville (Honoring life of Princess Diana) and Frazier History Museum
Blow bubbles at your porch and observe visuals through the bubbles.
Drank absinthe with two of my closest friends, in NYC- right time, right place, right friends, cheers!
Street fair in New York City
Trips in 2012:
    Road trip to Denver (2224 miles, round way- take that!)
    New Jersey and New York City
    Central Park from one side to other!
New food sampled: Bread pudding, pickles, cow tongue, sardines, oysters (raw), the list goes on...

Writing/publishing a book. (In process- a nonfiction)

Disaster Mental Health/Red Cross (Will take on March 21st)
Walk 100 labyrinths. (So far 52 achieved, including CO, KS, NJ, and IN in 2012).

New Goals:
Goodreads 2013 goal:  150 books.
See the Vagina Monologues
Create a mosaic of labyrinth.
New classes/spring semester:  Tai Chi and Advanced Photography
Increase hikes and walks with dogs
Increase fruit intake
Learn to forgive myself and let go of negative folks and experiences
Work out next move location
Get new ink on my skin, and get the frog tattoo re-colored.
Drink more water, less coffee
Comic Con in San Diego, CA or Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA
Check out local eats that I hadn't sampled yet.
Start a positive experience collection in a jar for 2013.
"Throw out Fifty things" project- get rid of 50 things (and more!)
Cut down on paper books, increase titles on my Nook
Ireland and Scotland
Ventriloquist museum- Fort Mitchell, KY (only museum about ventriloquists in the world)
National Underground Railroad Museum, Cinn, OH.
Gravity Hill in Princeton, KY.
Centralia, PA
Boston, MA
(two more that I forgot to add)
Watch all the seasons of Star Trek: Voyager (7 seasons!)
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

That's all, folks, for now.       May 2013 be much better (after February, that is for me).

And oh yeah, I'm on twitter right now, keeping an eye out for when  passes/tickets are available at Comic Con..they sell out *fast*.  :P


  1. These are some fab goals - please may I steal your "throw out fifty things" project?
    I hope that 2013 is much, much better for you.

    1. Sure- I got the book- warning- it can be emotional (hadn't realized a lot of things we have have emotional attachments) and there's the website Enjoy!

  2. That is an AWESOME list of both achivements and to-do.
    Inspiring and I think I am going to get to work on my own too!
    Happy New Year and new adventuring!

  3. Nice list. I'm off to check out that website.

    I'm also impressed with your Goodreads goal. I set a goal last year of 45, and only managed to make it by cheating and reading a sci-fi series at the end, that was quick and easy reading!!

  4.'ve got lots of accomplishments last year and this year you have an exciting list, too! :-D

    My resolution is only one: be my own best friend (even better than the past years) he he...

    Btw, cow tongue is a delicacy in Indo and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE ITTTTT (esp. when my Mom cooks it) HE HE HE...

  5. Great list! I will try & find you on Goodreads!

    1. You can find me under Jules Wolfers. :) I looked for you, but seems there's four Sarah Janes in OH on Goodreads. LOL