Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Once upon a time.

I am not much a television watcher, did you know that?     At most, I'd have one or two TV shows to watch (i.e Ghost hunters and Walking Dead), and if I miss an episode or two, that's not a big deal for me.   So when some friends found that I love 'Fables', a comic book series about fairy tale characters who found themselves stuck in the real world (Earth) among us, I was told that I should watch "Once (upon a time)" TV series. The TV series is similar to Fables in characters, but the difference is Fables were chased to this world from the dictator who took over many worlds, destroying all magic but his own, while in Once upon a time, it was a curse upon the characters by the evil queen, who wanted her happiness above everyone else. There was only one who escaped that curse, Emma Swan, a daughter born to Snow White and her prince Charming, now an adult. She was placed in the real world, as a baby before the curse took over. However, she does not believe in magic, yet she's the heroine expected to rescue the characters out of the 'real life' back to their story-tale world.  Anyway.... I started to watch the series.

And I got hooked.   

I love the plot, the characters, Snow White (Mary Margaret), Red Riding Hood (Red), Prince Charming (David), Jiminy (Archie), etc,  the real world echoing the story tale in many ways like Archie/Jiminy being a psychologist (if one gets to think about it, Jiminy was certainly a counselor to Pinocchio in the story!) and who knew Rumplestiltskin can be both ugly and hot at same time?!  

Rumplestiltskin (Once upon a time)

And I think I'm in love with the main character, Emma Swan. Her ten years old son, whom she had given up as a baby, had found her in Boston and asked her to save him and the people in Storybrooke (can anyone see the pun there?!). Turns out his adoptive mother is the evil queen, now the mayor of the town.  Emma decided to stay in town, to get to know her son and figure what is going on in the 'strange' town.   Why I like her?   She's very strong-   she was shaken to find out her son found her, yet she decided to stay among strangers.  Some folks try to change her, manipulate her, try to destroy her, just because she's 'different.'  And in one episode I saw (and managed to find a gif of it), it just nails it all for me.     

Emma Swan (Once upon a time)

On the infertility journey, I found that people have expected me to stay who I was, to stay 'exactly the same' as one remembered, as if the journey never happened.     It does not mean for the worse. It means there are lessons on the journey that will change one, and that's something we can't lie about.  One can choose to come out stronger, as Emma did, to stick out and say "Hey, I decide for myself, not you."  


  1. Hey, we also enjoy watching it, though I sometimes feel frustrated over some of the characters, but I really admire the guy who plays Rumplestiltskin. His acting as two different characters are really amazing! Also he acted differently before he became Rumplestiltskin.

    Your post makes me think, though...have people expected me to stay who I was? I don't know yet...have to ponder upon this...but anyway, more power for you for having chosen to come out stronger! :-)

    1. Thanks, Amel! I had too, thought nothing about it but with some folks telling me repeatedly through the year, "you had changed", "I don't remember that way you are now", and "what's wrong with you, someone replaced you?" and more. It was only recent when someone said she couldn't decide if she likes the 'new you'and I finally asked her what she meant by that. She explained about what she knew of me in the past compared to now, and I realized something between her words, I took care of her (as I did others), and now that I focus on taking care of myself first, that's what many folks are not used to. In a way, Emma had been running from her life all her life, and for first time in her life, she decided to stick it out and stay (and learn more about her history and herself); I too had run, taking care of people, putting myself last. Not anymore. Infertility can be destructive in many ways, yet create lives in other ways, when you think about it.

    2. Ahhhh...you've had people tell you that? IC IC...I haven't heard anyone say that about me, though, but I'm curious as to what they're going to say. I know IF has changed me in some ways and it has influenced me a great deal in many ways.

      But here's to taking good care of yourself!!!! :-) I think it's up to us in the end what to do with the impacts of IF in our lives. Here's to taking charge! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. It really does change you, doesn't it? And I've had that same experience - people expecting me to be the same person. They've never said it outright, but they just seem bothered by the way my heart has turned towards advocacy. I just often see a "there she goes again" look on their faces when I bring up IF (even though I rarely bring it up and when I do, I never have a "woe is me" attitude). All of this has definitely hurt certain relationships. Sorry you've had to deal with this as well. )-:

    1. Yup, the journey certainly change us, no matter how much we don't want it. That's okay that it happens... I like to use the quote to remind myself.. "Through the storm, we learn who the real friends are." In the long run, we know who are there for us.