Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flu whammy

Hadn't been to the blog or reading blogs for a long while.  The yucky flu had hit me the week before last,  and while recovering from it last week, I got a flu shot.

Big mistake.

Relapse of flu, with a whammy.

So currently taking care of myself, with ginger ale (Thanks, Amel!!),  my Elfquest (Thanks, Wes!),  my book, Styxx (Thanks, Michelle!!) and soup (Thanks, Pat!!)

Well, on the bright side, I got to get familiar with the chipmunk living near my porch, finding out his preferences for food- did you know that the chipmunks love to munch on stinkbugs?   I found that out while being sick and annoyed enough on smashing stinkbugs that keep trying to get into my place!   So at least my porch is very tidy,thank to the chipmunk, Mr. Clean!



  1. Hey, my pleasureeee...I'm just glad that the ginger thing helped you. Was really concerned when I read your wall post that day. Oh, cute little chipmunk!!! I didn't know that they liked stinkbugs he he he...nice to know that you've got such a cute company that helps you clean your porch while you rest at home. :-) Rest more and get well!

  2. I've been fighting a nasty bug, too (and it's made me pretty cranky to boot.) Hope we're both back to our healthy selves soon!!

  3. I hope the good food and entertainment have cured you by now!

    Also, I've just nominated you for a Sunshine Award. :) Details are here: