Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pillar of awesomeness

This post is scheduled during my absence.    (It was supposed to appear during my absence, it didn't- harumph)

A few months ago, a close friend and I have been chatting about when we could get together again.  Impulsively, I tossed out "how about a road trip- just like Thelma and Louise?  Without the cliff ending, that is!" 

After laughing so hard, she LOVED that idea!  

Now....we are in the almost end of the road trip, going across the Old South-  Memphis, Jackson, Baton Rogue,  New Orleans (most of the time in that Big Easy!), Huntsville, and all.  

BBQ.  Lighting ceremony of Elvis' home.  Games and laughter. 
Kayaking.   Cabin.  Crawdads.  
Vintage buildings, throwback to 1950's and dark roux.  
Crawdads, masks, carousel, swamps. 
Oak trees, shrimp & grits, 2 am dancing. 
Soul food, plantations and streetcars on the st Charles street. 
Eye candy, tacos and art markets. 

And best thing through it all?   The laughter, the tears, the sisterhood. 

R- seriously- you're awesome!!!    When it comes to example of awesomeness, you're the pillar!  


  1. What a lovely post...many beautiful memories and laughter with such an awesome person. :-) I'm envious of all the food photos he he he he...