Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hardest to write.

Had written a post last week.  I felt I had taken my heart out of my chest and started to squeeze the life out of it while typing the post. After finishing writing, I kept staring at the post as if it was a hive, full of buzzing bees.  Of all posts I had written, this has to be the hardest, most painful to write....

And I'm afraid to share it. 


  1. Sometimes I write posts and then I don't publish them too. If and when you are ready to share those feelings we will be here to listen.

  2. I agree with what This Path in Life says. I have some things in my draft that are just too raw...some of them I ended up publishing after I edited on the language and the content to make them less raw. When you're ready, we're here indeed...

    And HUGS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Me too (or me four?)

    I have a private blog that will never see the light of day. I sometimes think that my public blog is pretty maudlin, but then looking at the stuff that will never be published... oh, my stars, nope, never going to happen.

    Sometimes even when it is a public blog, you're writing just to yourself. Nothing in the world wrong with that.

  4. hugs. sometimes the things we write are too personal to share. that's OK. sometimes we just needed to write. Maybe one day you'll be ready to share. Or not. Do what feels best for you. Hugs!!!