Monday, October 15, 2012

Journey by car

Road trips- one of my favorite way to meditate, believe it or not.

Longer the road takes you, it's easier to mull on things, or nothing at all.

Often there's catharsis or 'ah ha' moments somewhere afar.  A few times I'd need to pull over to write something down to avoid forgetting about it!

I had driven 2226 miles to Colorado and back to Kentucky, with four days to do it all by car.

Mind you, not with a scarf over my head, or driving a convertible car with the top down....  that'd be a mouthful of bugs for sure...

Let me give you examples of some ah ha moments I had thought up through road trips....

"Guys REALLY forget things. If you want them to remember something, put it on calendars, next to their favorite chips."

"Religions are small ideas- they depend on followers to make them big (enough to make war) or small (enough to develop communities.)"

"Simple things are simple because complications are what people understand and live for. They have to make things complicated because to realize things are simple, are to realize life CAN be THAT simple is too much for them."

 Those are some few examples....

On that note, I'd not go on a road trip for a long while....  the last one was somewhat too much for me- 2226 miles is the top record for me alone so far.  One thing I have to add....while driving, I didn't get to think about childlessness, babies, family, nothing.  Just empty mindless while driving.

Although....I'm eyeing Louisiana for a road trip next year....Cajun food and attitudes,  hillbilly swamps, plantation county, Mardi Gras and Bourbon Rue.... I'm up for that!


  1. It's true, getting out on the long road takes you far away from the monotony of issues and drama of our daily lives and can be so helpful in that way. Don't you love the headscarf in the convertible, and not a hair out of place?!

    1. LOL- you have a point there... thro I still cannot imagine wearing a headscarf while driving... a hippie bandage yes, but that style as in photo..? nope. ;)

  2. Too bad I don't drive, but I LOVE "a-ha" moments and "catharsis" too. :-D

  3. I love the road trip for similar reasons. Very cathartic and mind clearing. Open spaces, new sights. Away from your normal space. That is A LOT of driving in 4 days though!! I am impressed. Glad to hear you found some peace on the open road and had some wonderful insights :)