Friday, February 1, 2013

Me time!

While folks prepare to get ready for the Superbowl watching (on February 3rd), I'll be away at my favorite spa, for me time, much overdue!  

 What to expect:
Body massage with hot stones
Facial treatment
Hair cutting/style
  Meanwhile, there'll be herbal teas and a healthy and delicious sandwich during a break-

Afterwards, I'm off to see the movie The Hobbit (with open captioning).   I'll then be picking up Chinese food (General Tso chicken, Moo Shu pork, and crab/cream cheese rangoons), and watch the Rome (season 1) DVD I got from Amazon last weekend that Sunday night.

During this time, one can say it's a good time to be childless. One doesn't have to worry about kids.

Sometimes you need to give yourself a break from everything and focus on yourself. Sometimes you need to be selfish and say "enough", and take care of yourself.   Go Thelma & Louise; it's your time!

 For me, I have four February weekends packed with activities, with some 'me time' and other times with friends.  On a little note, a good friend is moving here, yah!!!!  Road trips for us, with weird, natural and unusual sightseeing! We both have long lists what to see/experience, so we're gonna compare and develop a plan for future road trips! 

The bottom line is, the final part of the first anniversary should fly by. And yes, I have a plan B for when I find myself not in shape to do some of the plans- a new blanket I finished for myself, hot dark chocolate (from the Joe Trader store), and a pile of new books I got, and some phone calls with dearest friends.

On a little note, I saw this video on Youtube, and I got a kick out of it-



  1. Replies
    1. Certainly did! :) I also found out that there was a Walking Dead marathon yesterday, so I got to watch that- I'm pretty excited about next Sunday- fourth season starting then! :)

  2. Sounds like a fabulous plan! I'm sooo hoping to get a hot stone massage one of these days, and all the rest of the stuff is just drool-worthy. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing spa day
    (and OMG that little kid trolling his sister... that was faboo!) :D

    1. That video is so funny! The hot stone massage, absolutely to die for.. I had tried swedish and one other- I can't remember the name- so first time I tried the hot stone massage- love love love it! I put it on the list of massage techniques to request for the future! I'd highly recommend it, Lala! :D

  3. Sounds wonderful, you deserve all that pampering! Enjoy!

  4. LOVE reading this post! ENVIOUS of the spa experience that you have 'coz I LOVE LOVE LOVE body massages he he he...But I daren't go to any spa here 'coz it's so damn expensive. The only times I pamper myself to go to spas are when we're having a holiday abroad.

    Happy to hear that a good friend is moving there. :-D HAVE FUUUUUUUUUUUUNNN!!! :-D

    1. I'll tell you my secret how I afforded it... I go to the spa monthly to put a certain amount ($25-50) on my gift certificate to myself for 6 months. by the time it was time for my pampering (thanks, Sarah for the fabulous word!), I could afford it all and have money left for the tips! :) I'd recommend that, Amel!

      I sure will- he'll be moving here before this weekend- I'm pretty excited! He's even excited about road trips- we both are photographers, so that's better! :D

    2. Oh, over here tipping isn't a custom actually. I once spent a night at a hotel down south to attend a friend's wedding and I had dinner there and I wanted to tip the waitress, but she gave me ALL the coins back!!!

      Great idea about buying that gift certificate! :-)

      WONDERFUL to know that you and your friend are both photographers, so you can both spend time together and enjoy taking pics! :-D