Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mark of honor

I have been thinking, of bearing up with pain inside me, why not have it out on my skin?  


I looked, and I looked...    there's no childlessness symbol, as there is for eating disorders, cancer, HIV/AIDS, military branches, etc..     nothing-   here's an infertility symbol I found on Internet search:

However it's very much for resolution of infertility (after medical interventions), motherhood, finding hope going through infertility, etc..  You can get the context from this:

Fertility & Hope

"Featuring words to fortify the spirit. A spiral to symbolize the journey and the creative life force. The heart represents life and the heart that is full of love for our future children.  A wonderful gift to encourage someone you love going through the emotional roller coaster of infertility."

All to give hope to the individual who is going through infertility, in and out of doctor's offices, IVF, etc... "one day you'll have a child."

Granted, I'm writing all this on a day when I'm going through anger.  All that fluffy, bunny-cute, sunshine-warm, white clouds-happiness?  PASS.

Okay- what about childlessness,   not by choice?  Not speaking of child-free or childless by choice, but childlessness, with grief, the anger, the acceptance and the heartbreaking journey all through it? And one day,  accepting it as a path walked less, but still a PATH you walk on.

I have been talking with an artist- she is aware of what I'm going through.

So, I'm still mulling.


  1. I have had similar thoughts about a tattoo. Have you considered the logo from the website? It's a good one! I have actually considered daVinci's study of a fetus, but DH thought it was a creepy idea! LOL!

  2. I did see that on I think why I'm not keen on that is that it's a heart. I don't want that kind of heart- perhaps a different type of heart. Ahwell. I'll have to find out what you are talking about, of daVinci's study of a fetus.... NOW I see the images..and I admit, the drawings do look so cool! I'd like that myself, but perhaps an erased blank where the fetus should be... something of brainstorming... :D

    Tell your hubby, I don't think 'em creepy!

  3. I've been thinking a lot about this too and have my artist friend thinking about it. It's a tough one, because to my mind it's positive, but not celebratory, and it's not hopeful, but not despondent. If you come up with something I'd love to see it. :-)