Monday, June 4, 2012

Ain't Fair

I just read an article this morning, and I'm pissed (pardon my language).  

I can't bear children, due to not having an uterus anymore.   That's a fact.

This woman had a son and she forgot him on top of her car after being high on pot.   That's a fact.

This baby is not safe with the parents, especially with the mother not realizing until much LATER that he wasn't with her.   The baby seems to be overlooked; drugs are more important.

What's wrong with this picture?!


  1. This sort of thing used to make me furious when I learned I'd never be able to have kids naturally. Then after a while, as news of neglectful, stupid, selfish, and even deliberately cruel parents continued to make the news, from my own country and around the world, I realised that it just proved how random life is. I realised that my inability to have children wasn't a judgement on me. Because these peoples' abilities to have children certainly wasn't a stamp of approval, they didn't have a "child-worthy" certification, they didn't deserve their kids. So for a while there, it simply reinforced for me the fact that I did not deserve my situation; in fact, the issue of deserving never came into it. And therefore while I was grieving for the poor kids who had these incompetent or uncaring parents, I was also growing more comfortable with the fact that (and the reasons why) I couldn't. Does that make sense?