Saturday, August 4, 2012

My eggs, that is, chocolate eggs!

I got my eggs yesterday!  

 I'm not referring to eggs in my ovary or of chicken eggs, but of Cadbury creme eggs ...  Everyone who knows me, knows that I'd do *anything* to get my cadbury creme fix;  I even said,"now if there is a heir to the Cadbury egg company, I'll marry him instantly even if he was 40 years old older than me, or with no legs.  All just for the eggs."  I got maybe 50-60 creme eggs from family and friends before and after my hysterectomy in February- I'm not sure if that's a fair trade. :::struggling to keep a straight face here:::

I had been out of eggs since two months, and I know I'll have to wait 'til January... *mourning sigh*
Anyway, a friend saw some Cadbury Creme eggs (Screme eggs with Halloween coming up in almost three months) at a store near her home and immediately thought of me. She posted a pix of the eggs, on purpose to see how I'd react (that should tell you how well they know me) and I instantly went nuts, "WHERE?!! I MUST HAVE THEM!!"     I practiced my puppy eyes pose, the *whimper* tone and my charming skills, in hope to get the friend to send them....

Turned out she was already planning to send them...  didn't have to use my talent... Well, at least I got the practice.

The eggs arrived through FedEx- but since no one was at home (10am- why is that?!), the friend told me that they didn't drop off the package at the door.  I flipped out, " I must have my fix!"    I saw the slip tag on my door and they said to sign the tag, they'll drop next Monday.   Hell no way!  So I drove 30 minutes to the  FedEx location...   I opened the package right there in the office to make sure they were all there....

Hello, my pretties!  


  1. This made me smile! Enjoy your eggs.

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that's so nice of your friend!!! ENJOY your eggs! :-D