Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pinning information about childlessness and infertility?

Quietly, I cruise through Pinterest, enjoying finding images and following up to links attached to the images.  To my surprise, there's not much pins on infertility, even LESS for childlessness (by or not by choice), or living after infertility.    

I wonder why....?

Me, I'd not mind sharing information- but so far I have seen of childlessness or living after infertility are blogs,  and a few information links.

IMO, I feel it's good to share information/publicize the other side of infertility- after all not everyone of us are able to have children.  Why could one stay invisible, just because of not having children?

Your thoughts?  :)


  1. I am new to Pinterest and honestly haven’t really looked at it much. I did look for and find a few pins for endometriosis the other day and made a mental note to go look at those closer but haven’t done it yet.

    1. Yeah- I hadn't thought of that, I should look into that too... not just infertility, but of causes behind infertility.....

      I saw something this morning that really really bothered me enough that I made an image which I just put up on my facebook... might get some responses- Hadn't yet decided if I'd do it on Pinterest... might be too... 'sensitive'.