Friday, December 7, 2012


"Anyone interested in adopting a four year old deaf boy from China. Inbox me if interested. Serious inquiries only."

This is what I saw when I signed on Facebook a few minutes ago, on the new feed from a friend sharing on her page.  

My heart stopped.  

She's very active and well-loved in the Deaf community, and so I know if there is a Deaf boy, she's looking for a future home for him. That's how big her heart is, and something I admire about her.  

But WHY NOW?  It's like I'm feeling sorry for myself, with the first anniversary coming up, the clouds getting darker and darker.  

Then... BOOM! 

There's a possibility of having  a child.  I could have a new family by Christmas?  A child to raise, to share laughter and sign language with me, to love, to educate and to introduce to new worlds?  Please pinch me!

Then, I get a slap from my logical side (Gemini, y'all know) pointing out  yet I'm in no emotional or financial shape to take in the boy. 

Then I find myself swinging back; my heart is screaming at me: 

When then? When will you have another opportunity? 

I had to struggle, arguing with myself.    There's a part of myself, pushing me to contact the friend to find out, what's the catch, having hope and yearning in my heart, while the other part of me is pointing out that it's not the right time- sure I have a full-time stable job, and even that I have a second bedroom (I had gotten that in hope of having a child when I moved four years ago). However, I'm not rich enough for repeated airfare, legal fees, adoption fees at this time, and what if... what if I'm not approved after all?  There'd be so many Deaf folks who'd love to adopt him, so a Deaf single woman in her 40's?  I'm pretty counted out. 

Of course, my mood plummeted.  

I hate being realistic.  

*******   A few minutes after I wrote this, I said to myself, "fuck this- I'm going to ask her anyway."   At least I want to say that I *tried*.   Yes that means I could experience worsening grief, but...  

You know..I have to try. 


  1. If you have a feeling that you have to try... just try it!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. I'm smiling here he he...GOOD LUCKKKKKKK to you!!!! :-D

  3. I'm so glad you're going to try. What harm can it do? I feel the same about my dreams. Sometimes it feels like there are so many obstacles but what is life for if not, at least in part, for going for our dreams and what means the most to us. I'm so glad you are giving it a shot.