Saturday, April 6, 2013

Perils of presumption

Was out with a male friend recently for dinner.  

I saw that there was new drinks on the menu, so I wrote down what I'd like to order.   

The waitress paused after she read my note, and then she pointed vaguely toward me with her pen. I looked down and said "what?" 

She then gestured, as if pregnant (two hands drawing a bump in air over the stomach).

Is she friggin' serious?

At that point, the guy burst out in laughter and I shot him a look, I'll deal with you later.

It was one of those days that I had no patience. That's why I needed a drink, after what I had gone through during the day.  

So I angrily pulled up my shirt and showed the scar from hysterectomy.  And to add, my body shape is pear-shaped, so no matter how one'd put it, I'd always look bigger in the lower part of my body. 

The waitress flustered and apologized-  I wrote to her, NEVER presume that every woman is pregnant, even if they look pregnant.  Even if one is pregnant, it is none of her business.  It is up to the owner/manager to decide whether they can sell alcohol, not waiters/waitresses.   The manager came over and I showed him the note as well. He apologized as well, and said that whatever we order would be on the house.   

Nevertheless, my mood and appetite were spoiled.  We left. 

P.S. the guy wasn't obviously happy, but he wisely kept his mouth shut.


  1. Oh dear...I can understand why your mood and appetite were ruined. :-( Sorry to hear you had to do such a drastic measure, but glad the guy kept his mouth shut. I also have a pear body shape btw and it's always harder to find trousers/pants than tops.


    Ugh, how painful. I bet the waitress will never forget that lesson, but am sorry that she had to learn it at your expense!

    1. Great image!!! Yes, that's what they should have at restaurants!