Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Louisville Zombie Run

Alert! Alert!  Zombies are loose in Louisville!

On upcoming Sunday, if you have to be specific.   There is a Zombie Run in which there'll be hundreds of runners who'd run and  avoid being caught by zombies.  Nothing to worry about, except for the zombies on the path, hiding and waiting for an opportunity to grab a runner.   Zombie kids are the worst- looking cute, harmless, but they certainly run faster and use their innocence to lure in the runners. And they are most frightening to behold, in my opinion. 

As a volunteer, I'll be out, handing out water...errr vaccination hydration supplies for the runners, who are participating in the Louisville Zombie Run.  

At least, that'd keep me out in the sun, feeling sorry for the runners and socializing with zombies- might be courteous to let 'em bite me once or twice.  After the run, there'll be the Survivor's Quarantine Party, full of food, DJ music, and partying with both survivors and zombies. 


On a somber note-   what happened last Monday, with the two bombings in Boston-  that's horrible.  Unthinkable.  Especially during a historic event, where thousands come to watch their friends and family relatives run.  It was supposed to be safe; unfortunately, it wasn't.     What gave me hope, is that among the chaos,  people came out to help.  They gave coats to runners in shock; they handed their cellphones to runners to call in with their friends or family.  Runners ran to the hospitals to donate blood.  Even now, on Twitter and Google, there are people who opened their houses to runners and relatives.   

Boston had seen its battles, starting with the Revolutionary war.  It stood strong against the English. The city stood steadfast as it sent sons and brothers to the Civil War to fight, knowing that many would not return.  Boston's women were already strong and respected long before women's rights were even addressed.  The city welcomed the GLBT community with open arms.   And so, Boston is the literal representative of freedom and strength.     Despite the bombings, Boston is not knocked down. Among the confusion and fear, Boston locals turned around and ran toward the screams, to collect hurt victims in their arms, to hold weeping  relatives, and to stand steadfast and say "You messed with the wrong town"...and they aren't kidding.  

So in that mind, Louisville Zombie Run runners are running for whatever reasons they have registered in, but we are also running for Boston...even when zombies are chasing after us.  


  1. what a wonderful way to show support and get some good ol' vitamin D! Have a fun time and try to not let the zombies get carried away, there needs to be enough of you to party afterwards!

  2. I had a test in another city on Monday, so I didn't know about it until much later (I don't read the news regularly). AWFUL incident which I hope will never happen again, but you're right about finding hope after such an incident.

    About the Zombie Run...never heard about such a thing. Interestingggg!!! Hope it goes well there and enjoy the day as a volunteer! :-)