Monday, May 7, 2012

Bucket List

Reading the post, This Path in Life; To Do list, the author was talking about her to do list/resolution list. Her concerns was about production and finding motivation to complete.  I totally get her.   I had set up a bucket list last year, (and reassured folks that I wasn't dying, just that I want to leave the bucket list open for the rest of my life to finish without rushing.)  So I decided to check my old blog's post that I had put up last year.  I was both pleased and resigned at the same time looking at the items.

Well, at least I'm not in any hurry-

Ghost Hunting 101 at University of Louisville/Delphi CenterCompleted in May 2011)
Writing/publishing a book. (In process- a nonfiction)
Sand Tray techniques
Learn how to make a tube drum (January 2011)
Advanced labyrinth facilitating (Level 2)
Disaster Mental Health/Red Cross

Walk 100 labyrinths. (So far, 13 in IN, LA, KY, DC, MD 2011, 3 in 2012)

Stop being the peacekeeper and stand up for myself. (In process)
Make a list of things that make me happy- small, big, profound, simple (March, 2011)
List about what you really like about yourself. (ongoing)
Do an unplugged day at least 15 days per year. (ongoing)
Ask friends to do compliments about me, (words, artwork, whatever!) and make a poster.

The Happy Book (In process)
Feminism: The Essential Historical Writings
He's a Stud, She's a Slut and 49 Other Double Standards Every Women Should Know
The Feminine Mystique (April, 2011)
Sexual Politics
All About Me.
I am more than my infertility.

(the list is long..I'll keep 'em on Goodreads- you can look 'em up.)
Make a list of your favorite childhood books and explain why you love them.

See The Vagina Monologues
See the plays-
  "Into the Woods"
  "Les Miserables"
  "Mamma Mia"
Participate in Vagina Monologues (If you know V-Day w/ deaf themes in 2012 or 2013, ring me up!)
AIDS Walk (September, 2011)
Habitat for Home in New Orleans
Set up a community activity of creating a labyrinth of shoes, then donate shoes to a women's shelter
Do a cheer-up package for a friend or three(Completed in April and December 2011, and February 2012.) 

Create a mosaic of a labyrinth.
Learn how to make bead jewelry
Paint again. (so far, 17 paintings!)

Start and finish a quilt.  (June 2011)
After going to an event of your favorite activity (comic, science fiction, romance convention) and get freebies, do a bulletin board with the collection.
Scrapbook on collection of postcards (March 2012)
Make a book of favorite recipes to send to a close friend
Donate some art to an organization (September 2011)
Do a room in purple and silver

Exercise 2-3 times a week.(ongoing)
Go to the park with the dogs once-twice a week.(ongoing)
Make healthy dishes from scratch (ongoing)
Do yoga at least twice a week (working on it)

Volunteer for clean-up at a national park (July 2011)
Donate hair for Locks of Love and in honor of my aunt, cancer suvivor. (No luck! Will try again)
Freecycle listing of the television and entertainment center (May 2011)
Donate money to a non-profit organization fighting domestic violence (February 2011)
Provide my time and canvas labyrinth to an organization with DV/SA survivors to learn self-care and love.
Donate money to Green Project- New Orleans
Make cookies and donate to a soup kitchen.
Make a dish to donate to Occupy Louisville

Just for fun of it
Kentucky Renaissance Faire
Get a tattoo of triple labyrinth on the shoulder
Get the frog tattoo refreshed/re-colored.
Try hot balloon riding.
Try a new food each month. (ongoing)
Send beanie dolls to American soldiers ( (January, 2011)
Take pictures around the town, with quirky things and create artwork from photos.(ongoing)
Go naked, fingerpaint/paint the walls (in the shower) and self.
Watch a meteor shower at the wee hours of August (August, 2011)
Attend a Comic book convention.
Go to a Science-fiction con.
Have your 'gnome'(my stuffed Erif Horse) at weird places taken with photos! (In process)
Blow bubbles at your porch and observe visuals through the bubbles.
Play with playdoh- do the 10 things with them (your name, an image of yourself, cupcakes, animals, landscape, and so on.)(January 2011)
Make the perfect kid's day menu and eat the food on the menu- you ARE a kid that day!
Dragon-con in Atlanta, GA
Comic-Con in San Diego, CA

Wisconsin, (January 2011, June 2011)

New Orleans, LA (March 2011)
Nashville, TN (country music sightseeing)
Waverly Hills Sanatorium (October 2011)
Star Trek Exhibition/Louisville Science Center (February 2011)
Frazier International Historical Museum (February 2012)
Ventriloquist museum- Fort Mitchell, KY (only museum about ventriloquists in the world)
National Underground Railroad Museum, Cinn, OH.
Gravity Hill in Princeton, KY.
Kansas City, KS/MO (December 2011)
Pet Haven, Shepherdsville, KY.
Centralia, PA
Nova Scotia, Canada

Like I said, I'm not in any hurry...    I'm taking a time out to focus on myself, although I won't say no to blowing bubbles and painting now and then...

Hope that gives you ideas-   is there anything you would like to do, on whims, dreams, small and large, short and long-term?  Share, if you'd like.


  1. I like the bucket list. Makes me wonder if I should evolve mine into something like that... It's good to see you are making progress.

  2. Great list. I really love the way you've divided it up into learning, community, art, health, travel etc etc. I think that's a great way of doing it - because I know if I start thinking about a bucket list, I focus only on travel. And yet there's so much else I want to do. You've inspired me - I'm going to work on my own. I may or may not post it!

  3. What an inspiring list! It looks like you've been busy! I hope to make more lists like this in the future. I have a lot of travel goals: get to all 50 states by the time I am 35 (it had been 30, but as of my 30th birthday, I was at 41. Now I am almost 31 and at 42.... so hopefully I will make it by 35.), visit one new country a year, etc. I also have lists of books I want to read and so forth, but this is a really great comprehensive list hat has inspired me :)

  4. i need to create my bucket list. i want to do more crazy things :) MZ