Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colors in the path

Walking the Georgetown labyrinth /DC 2009

I am sure some of you readers have noticed here and there, of me speaking of labyrinths (either walking or painting)...   Basically, labyrinths are a metaphor for walking meditation, either by finger or walking.  To keep this post short, here is Labyrinth 101, something to give you a basic understanding of what labyrinths are like.   Before you say something, no- mazes aren't the same as labyrinths.  Mazes are the puzzle, in which you encounter dead ends, many corners and split ways (think of the maze in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), while the labyrinth has one way in and out, in a graceful circle, in intent of helping you focus inward and stay in the moment.  If you have walked or observed labyrinths, you'd notice there's a variety of patterns from Cretan (simple) to Chartres pattern.

Many people use the labyrinth for a variety of purposes, to discover strengths within, answers, spiritual affirmation/support, to process stress or to re-connect with themselves.  I have seen women use the labyrinth to  learn to forgive and love themselves after experiencing domestic violence.  Children pace through the labyrinth to find creativity and to quiet the the hyper mental activity.  Elderly walk among the circle, to find peace within themselves.  And yes, the labyrinth is good for grief, as I realized, as another tool for me.

For years, I have walked labyrinths to consider choices in my life, including where to work and what to do next in my life; I walk to release stress and anger, as well as to find simple joy and relaxation.   It was only last year when I started to paint again after stopping as a young adult.  And I found labyrinths are as relaxing and enjoyable as I paint, in dazzling colors.  During the painting I found that I have my favorite pattern, Shepherd's Race (originated in Roman times), which is not commonly found- most labyrinths tend to be Cretan, Chartres, or Santa Rose.  And I found, very therapeutic in the aftermath of finding out I am childless not by choice.

I decided to use this opportunity to show some paintings I had completed- although I had not taken photos of a few (I forgot before I gave them to friends).

Each labyrinth has their own story.
Children's play, 

Heart's Journey 

Process into Mediterranean Tear

Mediterranean Tear (Shepherd's Run)

Process in Buddha's Flame

Buddha's Flame (triple pattern)

Process to Sunset Blvd

Sunset Blvd (Shepherds' Run)

All that had been done since last summer... 
I hadn't painted since November 2011 to February 2012, when I went in and out of tests about my uterus issues, including finding out that I can't have children- grief started then in December.  I had then painted one painting before the February surgery, which is this one.....
Roman Weeps (Chartres)

I had also completed one other labyrinth painting, but at this time, I'm not ready to share it with the world... 
The title- Stone of Womb

10 days after the surgery, I up and went to fetch art supplies without thinking. Completed in 7 hours, the labyrinth came out of my heart onto the canvas.  With tears of grieving and fingers of perseverance. 

Heavenway (Chartres) 

I do have intentions to paint more...I have some colorful spirals running loose in my mind.  Someday.  


  1. Cool post, thanks for sharing! http://www.viaggiatoreblog.com/

    1. Thanks, my pleasure, always with the beloved labyrinths!

  2. They are beautiful. And now you've got me very interested in labyrinths. (I just love saying the word "labyrinth.")

    1. Thanks- I try to encourage interest in labyrinths, especially with using them (walking on them)..I'm a labyrinth facilitator, and it is always a pleasure to teach about this wondrous walking meditation

  3. You have such a gift. Beautiful work! I agree with Mali, the word is even cool.

    1. I agree! I'll make a confession, even seeing the movie "Labyrinth" when I was a teenager, I thought the word magick, full of secrets- Later on, I realized what we saw of the walled pattern is actually a maze, not a labyrinth. Nevertheless, the girl, Sarah WAS on a labyrinth...her own journey finding herself, her strengths and the answer that had evaded her until the end- THAT was her labyrinth.

  4. I was clueless that labyrinths were used this way, very interesting. Thanks for teaching me.

    1. You're very much welcome! I always enjoy exposure of the labyrinth for the world to learn and use. I do some workshops when asked, especially for populations of women, domestic violence survivors/thrivers, the Deaf community, the disabled community, and schools

  5. Thank you for sharing... I've done walking meditation before, but never in a labyrinth. Do you sell your artwork?

    1. Thanks! There is a wonderful website that you can use to find labyrinths in your area, http://labyrinthlocator.com/
      Just type in your zip and it will give a list of labyrinths where you can go.
      At this time, I'm not selling my artwork... It is hard enough to give one or two artwork to friends- Later on, I might sell some. Check back later on this year. :)