Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No visits

I actually miss Aunt Flo.........  Y'all know she hadn't visited me since that surgery in February.

Does that make sense?


  1. You know, I miss my period at times.. I think it does make sense. It is a normal part of being a woman, and then suddenly, POOF it is gone. And while it is alot more convenient not to have it... at the same time, the lack of period is a reminder of what we've lost.

    I too miss my period at times. I still get PMS like mad, and I miss the indicator. I miss feeling like an average 30/31 yr old who has a period every month. I feel like I got excised from a club I used to belong to.

    Then the other part of me doesn't miss carrying tampons, break through bleeding, and the other not-so-fun parts of having a period.

    So, you totally make sense to me.

  2. Yes, you make sense. When I finally knew I'd never have children, that it wasn't even an option, I was surprised to find I welcomed (almost) having my period. Being infertile, being diagnosed with old eggs, knowing my body was too old to have a child, it all made me feel old and horrible. And so having a period actually helped with that. Mind you, 8 years on and I'm coming to terms with my age, and I'm well ready for AF to be gone.

  3. I totally get it....I am 43 and am "post-menopausal" according to the blood work. Aunt Flo visits, but not too often anymore. I too have "old eggs" and am infertile and having my period on a regular basis, kept me feeling younger but at the same time, it would give me hope that if I am still getting my period regularly, then maybe, oh, just maybe, I can get pregnant. NOT! So, yes, it makes perfect sense!